ScanStik SK600 important related software below

scanstik programmer download link

SlimScan SS100 important related software below

critical upgrade

For those who have installed earlier version (ver. 3.7 and 3.8) of SlimScan software (Download and run the INSTALL.BAT).


SlimScan setup download

SlimScan programmer download

Calibration software download

SlimScan MAC software download


iprocessor customers: plz upgrade your firmware - RC800/RC850 Firmware Programmer here

Customer support: +1 905 507 3926 (9am - 5pm EST) NOTE: Calibration files/PaperPort Download found here:http://planon.com/v2/drivers.php

RC800 series MAC OSX 10.5/10.6 driver download here

Xseries Firmware instructions here

Xseries Firmware Programmer here

Keep your hardware running smooth, download the latest drivers.


Searching for Drivers

For technical assistance with the DocuPen
please call our tech support line at:
1 877 DOCUPEN (362-8736)

You may also choose to e-mail us at support@planon.com
IMPORTANT: if your PRINSTIK powers off while installing drivers, please just keep powering on until drivers is finished installing.

Please always remember to turn off the printstik when switching between USB and Bluetooth or vice - versa

Memory slot upgrade (RC800)

Currently Scandisk 1GB - 2GB are the only cards that perform reliably, We are testing new memory manufacturers and will update the website as we have new info.

Micro Sd Example

Windows Logo Testing

Windows LogoDuring the installation of the DocuPen Software, you may see the message (possibly more than once):The software you are installing for this hardware: device name has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. Continuing the installation of this software may impair or destabilize the correct operation of your system either immediately or in the future.


This warning appears because DocuPen has not certified its product drivers in Microsoft's voluntary logo testing program. DocuPen has a rigorous quality assurance program and all of its products are tested above and beyond the requirements of any Microsoft (or similar) test programs.


Simply press 'Continue Anyway' at this warning prompt.

Charging the RC800 DocuPen

Make sure the pen is off while charging on the USB.

Mac OSX Instructions

Xseries Mac OSX Installation:

Please note that you must have a MicroSD card (maximum size 2GB) installed into the Xseries scanner.
Use the USB cable to connect the pen to your MAC computer.
Turn on the pen, and on your MAC desktop you will see an additional drive (the Xseries scanner is seen as a mass storage device). All scans will be displayed in the drive.
*Please note that the PaperPort software is not MAC compatible software.

RC800 Instructions:

1. Save the “Docupen color for Mac OSX” file on your Desktop.
2. Open the file and there are two files MacPentwain and Docupen.
3. Run the Macpentwain and then drag and drop the Docupen in to the Mac applications.
4. Now connect the Docupen to a direct USB port.
5. Open Docupen from the Mac applications.
6. Click on Download bank and follow the prompt windows, this will download your scans.
7. Finally open the image and click on file – Save and save your image on your hard drive.

Please note that the export function will not work with Mac 10.5 and 10.6.

R700 Instructions:

Download Mac OSX driver cardinal. There are two files in this window: SLAB_USB to UART Installer, and SLAB_USB to UART Uninstaller. Double Click on the SLAB-USB to UART Installer and follow the prompt commands. To check if CP2101 USB to UART Controller has installed properly plug the pen in to the USB, Click on Applications, than click on Utilities, click on System Profiler, than click on USB and CP2101 USB to UART will appear there. This indicates that the driver is installed correctly.

Download Mac OS X pen twain driver. Double click on MacPenTwain.pkg.zip and the file will extract a folder named MacPenTwain.pkg. When you double click on it a window named Install DocuPen Package will appear. Follow the instructions that are prompted on the screen.

Now plug the pen in to the USB.

To download an image I will use as an example Photoshop Elements. Click on File (on the drop down menu), than select Import, than select Pen Twain DS. The Pen Scanner Control Window will appear. Click on Download Bank and you will be prompted to Press the Scanner Button to turn on Scanner. When you do that click ok and the scanner will be downloading.You also can use our DocuPen scanner control window to download images by downloading and installing the program from our web site.